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Lake Fork Fishing Reports

Weekly Fishing Reports From Area Guides

Fishing Report Provided By Jim Reaneau


Well, the weather has really be something else with all the warm days. I got my new Bass Cat out and I am really excited with the way it handles and fishes. I think all my clients will be happy with the ride and room it has. Service Marine did a great job on the rigging. Chuck, Perry and Tonya will do all they can to solve your boating needs just give them a call 1-903-473-3909.

The water temp is between 49 to 53 degrees. It was according to what cove or main lake point you were on or in. The water is clear in all the covers I have been in. I am sure the north end of the lake may still be stained but fishable. The lipless crank and spinner bait were the two best baits. I tried several deep areas that had fish on them and no deal. The drop shot or the spoon would not get a bite. The grass was the best pattern. The fish I caught were shallow and along the edge of the grass in about three to five of water. The water has not gotten cold enough to kill the grass and it is still good and green. The spring will be awesome with all the grass. We may miss the bullet this year on the cold but February has not gotten here yet. Remember to get out as much as you can right now as this is the best time to get the bite of a life time.

The crappie fishermen were out in full gear yesterday but I didn’t see many pulled over the side. I found bait stacked in fifty foot of water on the bottom. Most boats I saw were using minnows.

It is still not to late to book your spring trip.

Jim Reaneau




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Lake Fork Fishing Report                            8-26-04
Lake Fork DSP Guide Service
Doug Shampine

Bass fishing on Fork has been good along the grass lines on the main lake. Look for  deeper water close to the grass lines, and using your electronics, find the schools of bait fish, and the bass will be in that area. Best depth along the grass has been from 7-13 ft of water.

Several different baits have been working, starting early morning with a Yellow Magic or Pop R type bait. After the sun gets up than I am switching to a Baby Creature in watermelon red fishing it Texas style. Also a weightless bait like a Wave worm along the grass will also catch its share of bass.

The deeper humps and creeks are also holding bass, using a Carolina rig with a Baby Creature in watermelon seed.

If you are thinking about booking a trip, call me at:
 903 474-0508 or visit me at 


                                   LAKE FORK FISHING REPORT

From:  J & M Guide Service

Dates:   10 – 17 May, 2004

Water Temperature:  75 –77 Degrees (F)

Water Clarity:  Stained

We are definitely in post spawn conditions now.  The bass are relating to outer edges of grass lines and moving out on 12 to 18 foot humps.  The fish can be caught by using Carolina rigged Lake Fork Tackle Baby Ring Fry.  The color of choice is chartreuse/pumpkin, for this week anyway.   The other bait that produced good numbers of fish is a small Bandit crankbait or a small Excalibur crankbait.  A standard shad color worked the best.  The small crankbaits also produced some good eating size catfish (2 – 3 pounds).  The catfish are up spawning and can produce a lot of fun when you not expecting it.  The Crappie spawn is over for this year and they are moving back out in deep water, 18 to 20 feet.   For the Brim (Bluegill) fisherman, the Bluegill can be caught in 1 to 4 feet of water using crickets and miniature crankbaits.   Here at J & M Guide Service, we have a few open guide trip dates for May and June.   Give us a call and we will get you on the water for a fun day of fishing.

Lake Fork Marina has all of the tackle you will need to catch those Lake Fork Bass.  So stop in and tell the friendly staff you would like to have the latest in crankbaits and ring fries.   By the way if you want to taste the best piece of pie this side of the Mississippi, walk across the street to Moser’s Restaurant and have a piece of Becky’s mouth watering pie.

For J & M Guide Service, this is John Morris saying keep a tight line and be safe on the water. 


J& M Guide Service



Lake Fork Fishing Report from Lake Fork Guide Larry Barnes


Lake Fork Report for Week ending 8-7-04


The fishing has slowed down considerably this past week.  The morning bite has been a little tough but picking up around 11 AM and lasting until mid-afternoon.  Most of the fish being caught are deep and on the humps, roadbeds, and drop-offs.  The Carolina rig is the best method to catch the fish.  I am using the Lake Fork Tackle Baby Creature in a Green Pumpkin with red/green flake and sour grape.  I am also doing well on the Lake Fork Tackle 10 inch worms in various colors.  I don’t think the color is as important as the 10 inch profile.  There have been a few fish schooling in the afternoons and late mornings but they are not staying up long enough to really get into them.  That should change within the next month or so.  The DD 22 and the fat free shad crankbaits have been working in shad color or chartreuse with blue back every once in a while.  It looks like a thermocline could be setting in around the 22 foot range.  That will be something to look for in the next week or so.  The water temp has been bouncing around in the mid 80’s and the two fronts that have come through have made the temperature fluctuate some.  The yoyo barometer has affected the bite in my opinion.  We have had high pressure and low pressure bouncing all over the place.  I guess I am looking for some excuses as to why the fish have not been biting real good and that’s as good as any.  Don’t get me wrong.  We have had some really good days.  They just have not been consistent.  Some days the fish will bite good and we will catch 20 or so.  Other days we catch 8 to 10.  BUT—we have caught some quality fish in the 6 to 8 pound  range.  My top fish for the month of July was an 8lb 14 oz. lunker.  And I had another customer catch a 10.94 two days after I guided him in the same water we fished.  The top fish for August right now is a 6 ½ pounder in my boat.  That’s not very good for Fork.  I think the heat is about to crank back up.  That will make it tough to stay out on the water all day.

  Lunker Luck until next week from Larry Barnes Lake Fork Guide Service.

Lake Fork Fishing Report Provided By Jeff Kirkwood

Date:  March 14, 2004


Well, you’ve just gotta love this Texas weather.  Numbers of fish and size have been picking up and should only get better as the month of March wears on and April & May get closer.  I was extremely fortunate this past week to have had the opportunity again to guide one of my customers on his private lake on Tuesday.  What a blast we had!  Then on Thursday I did a guided trip on Lake Cypress Springs (first lake I ever guided on 12yrs. ago), helping someone (was asked not to tell who) prepare for an upcoming tournament, we had a very good day then too, with 16 fish!  Our best five would’ve gone between 18 and 20 pounds.


I guided Monday, Friday and Saturday on Lake Fork.  I was suppose to have guided today but my customers at the last minute asked if they could just come back in June.  I understand not wanting to be uncomfortable in the rain but this time of year is the time where your chances of catching many “Fat Girls” is there every cast and several times throughout the day.


On Monday, I had repeat customers Mitch Harris, his wife and his boss in the boat and I’ve got to be honest with you…”WHAT A TOUGH DAY!”  Both last Sunday and Monday were the two toughest days I’ve fished on guide trips in several years.  Neither day did we zero but we didn’t miss it by much.  Anyway, we finished Monday’s trip with just 2 fish, “thank goodness I didn’t catch either fish,” but we did have several more pull off.  Monday was so tough I spent most of the day coaching.  Now, Friday was a pretty good day, with 16 fish and then it got tough again on Saturday catching just 6 fish, all very good ones but no numbers.


The bite is changing right now, you can still catch fish on red baits but watermelon is beginning to take control just like it always has in the past.  Watermelon flukes are doing their thing as well as a white Lockhart spinner bait.  Both of those are the two leading baits for catching fish.  We’re fishing the fluke two different ways; one being a light weight Carolina-rig and the other weightless.  Two to 8 feet of water has been the best depth.  I also noticed that by just fishing timber with NO vegetation, no action has been found but timber with vegetation has been good.  I figure the reason for this has been because of the recent cold fronts and falling water temps. the vegetation is holding heat and offers more cover.  The bite has been for the most part very light so if you’re not sure set the hook, you have nothing to loose and a fish to gain.  A slow presentation has been key.


If you are interested in my “Bassin’ Class” the beginner class is Tuesday and Thursday of this week at Garland High School.  The intermediate / advanced class is March 30 & April 1.  Class time begins at 7pm. and will end before 10pm.  If you are in need or want more information regarding the “Bassin’ Class” or a guided fishing trip, call 469-721-7083 / 800-965-0350, e-mail or go to my web site at  Here are the available dates I have left for both March & April;  March: 24 & 25.  April: 19, 20, 23, 25, 27 & 30.  “Fat Girls” are now being posted on my 2004 “Fat Girls” page.  Until next time…GOOD LUCK & TIGHT-LINES!!!   

Fishing Report Provided By Gunn's Guide Service

Lake Fork has been a little fickle as of late. We can catch them one day and not the next. Mostly due to the cold front and unusual weather we have been blessed with.

  My shallow fish have made a retreat to the depths where they are suspending and are a little tough to catch but will bite on their terms. We have been catching our suspended fish on swim baits and weighted shad assassins.  We have been checking 10 spots a morning and the fish will bite on maybe two. For the fish that you find on the bottom relating to structure Carolina rigs with French frys or ring frys in watermelon have been the best for us. These fish on the bottom have been the ones that will bite best for us.

  The shallow fish, what is left of them are grass related. Jigs have been the best in pumpkin green with a watermelon pig claw.

The water temp is 80+ water level is down maybe a foot and clarity is good. As I write this it is raining and cool.

  This week the fish might come back into the grass with the cool rising water.

I am on vacation the rest of the summer chasing the NHRA drag race circuit so reports are going to be inconsistent from me but I will check in when I can.

  I am now booking October trips. October fishing can be the best of the year as the fish move back into the creek mouths and put on the feed bag as the first cold fronts of the fall cools the water back down to their liking.

If you would like to book a trip call or email me at  903-765-2155

Please shop at Bass Pro Shops through the link icon on my web site at as I get a commission on all sales.

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Gunns Guide Service

Jeff & Joanie Gunn

611 Rains County Road 2610

Alba, Texas 75410



Monthly Fishing Reports From Area Guides

Fishing Report Provided By Jim Reaneau

December Monthly Fishing Report

I don’t know about everyone else but this year has flew by for me. I thought we were going to have a fall this year with the temps staying cooler but NOT. We will probably go to winter from summer just like the last couple of years. The cooler temps gave us some really great fishing days and the fish did bite. With all the little fish we caught in Sept. Oct. Nov. this shows we had a great spawn this past year. The grass has grown in so many spots around the lake and is very green and healthy. This is a plus for the coming spring. This will be a fish magnet for all species. The usual pattern for December is get out your jigging spoons and tail spinners. The fish will usually start going deep and finding the bait fish will be the key. Humps, main lake points, and road beds are all good spots to start you’re your search. Big spinner baits slow rolled along the top of the afore mention areas can be a deadly approach. Remember the coldest day with drizzle can be good as the big females like to get out on these days. If your looking for a fish of a life time, from now on through the next three months you need to spend as much time as possible on the lake. Creek bends with 15 to 20 foot of water can be a good area to probe with the ever popular jig and pig. Bulk up your jig with two skirts for bulk and slowing the fall. Everyone has their own ideal about whether to us pork or rubber. With so many new rubber baits I opt for them. Pork is so hard to keep. But the pork does have a more fluid movement in the coldest temps. You will have to be the judge of this. Remember as the water starts cooling down the presentation will be SLOW and then SLOW down some more. Line size will come into to play in the winter when fishing spoons. It is hard to believe that a spoon will fall different on 10 pound line over 20 pound. But the fish can tell the difference. Some days as the water gets cold the fish will only want you to stand the spoon up on its end and and hold it still and on others they want you to hop it. You will have to try different presentations. When you mark fish with your electronics and they wont bite a spoon try the holding still approach. If they are still there and the spoon wont draw a strike then try the drop shot. I have been rewarded many times with stubborn fish biting the little drop shot rig. This tactic calls for a rod with 10 pound line a very small bait such as the Wave Tiki drop. I usually have 18 inches between the weight and the hook. I opt for a half ounce weight so I can stay in contact with the bottom. If you know the bottom well you can cast it and use a slow retrieve with little hops or just a slow drag. For those who are unfamiliar with the drop shot the way to rig this is to tie a small hook about two feet up your line and then attach a weight like a bell sinker or the drop shot weights to the bottom of the line. When you drop the bait down to the bottom the weight will hit the bottom and the small bait will be suspended above the weight. Small jiggles of the rod tip will give the bait a life like appearance. I always keep a Carolina rig handy own my deck. Even in the winter this rig can get you bit when all else fails. The water temps wont fall over night to the forties even with the coldest cold fronts. It will be a while so the shallow water will hold some fish for quite sometime.

The crappie will soon start their approach to the main lake deep water. This is a time of year when the fish will stack up on humps and main lake points and just like the bass look for the bait fish and drop your favorite jig or minnow down to where the fish are suspended. Most regulars will anchor so they can keep the boat still. The crappie are layer fish and when you find the depth you will need to mark your line so you can get back to that spot.

December also starts the KEEP THE FIRST 25 YOU CATCH. This starts every year on December first and runs till the end of February. If you get caught throwing back small crappie the game warden wont be smiling when he approaches your boat. This is also a good time to put some extra clothes in you boat as you may never use them but should you get wet from rain, rough water, or should you fall in they will come in handy. If you plan on fishing alone this is a good time to tell someone where you plan on fishing and what time you plan on coming in. Wear a life jacket at all time as cold water is a killer. You can die in a short period of time in cold water.

If you need a good present for that special someone a guided trip on Lake Fork Can be a special surprise.

I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Safe Holiday Season.

Jim Reaneau



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